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takarazuka sexual politics and popular culture in modern - jennifer robertson attempts to use the all female takarazuka theater revue as a model for the sexual politics and gender relations present in modern japanese society, intersections male homosexuality and popular culture in - thus japanese gay men who want to come out about their sexual preference are faced with a problem when it comes to choosing a term to describe themselves as most of the terms currently available tend to conflate homosexual attraction with cross dressing and transgenderism, japan zone com japan travel guide japanese culture - japan travel guide offering information on japanese popular culture the history of japanese culture etiquette and relocation information it s all here at japan zone, yuricon women loving women in modern japan - by erin subramian when one looks at the history of female female sexual and romantic relations in japanese history the documentation is rather sparse in comparison to male male relations, lgbt rights in japan wikipedia - lesbian gay bisexual transgender lgbt rights in japan are relatively progressive by asian standards although lgbt people lack full legal equality same sex sexual activity was criminalised only briefly in japan s history between 1872 and 1880 after which a localised version of the napoleonic penal code was adopted with an equal age of consent